Brita MAXTRA PRO replacement filter set of 4

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BRITA MAXTRA pro ALL-IN-1 - set of 4

One of the most important building blocks for good coffee is the water used. That's why we filter. But filtering only makes sense if you replace the cartridges.

Product features BRITA filter cartridge set of 4

  • Suitable as a replacement filter for the BRITA Marella table filters .
  • 150 liters of water can be filtered per cartridge . This means that up to 600 liters of water can be filtered with the 4 included cartridges.
  • For hygiene reasons, we recommend changing the cartridge after 4 weeks.
  • Easy to use in the BRITA Marella table filter .
  • The carbonate hardness (alkalinity) is reduced by approx. 50% per filter pass.
  • For high total water hardness values ​​of >10° dGH, we recommend double filtration.
  • The scope of delivery of the set of 4 consists of 4 individually packaged cartridges.

Why do we sell BRITA filter cartridges?

Water filtering with the BRITA table filters protects the coffee machine and enables great coffee taste thanks to the enrichment with magnesium. This system works quickly and easily.

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