BRITA Marella water filter jug

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BRITA Marella water filter jug

Coffee consists of up to 99% water, so the water used is crucial for the coffee taste. In addition, the water used has a huge impact on the longevity and maintenance intensity of portafilter machines or other equipment.

Product features BRITA Marella

  • Color: graphite (dark gray)
  • The table water filter has a total capacity of 2.4 liters.
  • A filter cartridge is included , it can be filtered immediately.
  • When starting up, hold down the start button on the display until all four bars are visible and flash twice. Each bar represents one week of use. For hygiene reasons, a change is recommended after four weeks.
  • The filter capacity is therefore four weeks or 100L.
  • BRITA recommends not using the water from the first two filter processes for consumption.
  • The carbonate hardness (alkalinity) is halved per filtering process.
  • The overall hardness of the water also decreases by the reduced value of the carbonate hardness (alkalinity).
  • Activated carbon beads made from coconut shells bind chlorine and other substances that disrupt odors and taste.
  • The replaceable filter cartridge reduces limescale in the water that is harmful to portafilter machines.
  • The BRITA Marella table filter is dishwasher safe (max. 50°), only the lid with the electronic display should be cleaned by hand.
  • Thanks to a filling flap in the lid, the filter lid does not have to be removed when filling.
  • You can find replacement cartridges here

Why do we sell the BRITA Marella table filter?

The water used to prepare coffee has a massive influence on the taste of the coffee. Therefore, filtering tap water is a quick and easy way to get delicious coffee in your cup. This also protects the portafilter machine considerably. Substances such as lime can damage portafilter machines and, if in doubt, completely disable them. The use of a filter does not completely eliminate the need to descale a portafilter machine. However, the cycles of how often descaling is necessary are significantly longer. This filter is easy to use and ready for immediate use. The alternatives are to use purchased water in PET bottles, which is not really great for ecological reasons, or to use a permanently installed filter. Fixed installation is certainly the most convenient solution, but this BRITA table filter is a good and affordable way to get started.

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