Dulce Marlen, filter coffee

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Dulce Marlen - filter coffee from Honduras

Dulce Marlen is back - and how. Last year we did microlots for the first time with our partners from 18Conejo in Honduras and you liked the coffee as much as we did. The high sweetness guarantees a velvety texture. This integrates a delicate, slightly juicy acidity that continues into the aftertaste. The aromas of blossom honey and almonds replace any dessert.

Dulce Marlen - coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods and cold brew

Origin: Honduras, Marcala

Producers: 18 Conejo, Fincas by Dulce Marlen (mother) & Napo (son)

Varieties: Catuai. 100% Arabica.

Post-harvest process: Reposa, depulped, fermented, washed

Certification: Demeter - biodynamically produced

All of our coffees are sold as whole beans.

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

After harvesting, Dulce Marlen packs the cherries in large plastic bags and lets them rest for 42 hours. In Nicaragua we call this reposa . The higher temperature and minimal oxygen catalyze the first fermentation. This accentuates the acidity. She then pulps the coffee and puts the beans with the sugary pectin layer ( miel , mucilage ) back into the bags. In a second fermentation the texture becomes heavier. After 16 hours the coffee is washed and slowly dried. With a slightly longer development time during roasting, we emphasize the velvety texture and sweet notes.

Brewing recommendation: Hario V60

Amount of coffee 17 grams
Total amount of water

280 grams

Water temperature

97 degrees

Grinding degree

Slightly finer than your usual V60 grind


40 grams (30 seconds)

Brewing time

2:30 - 2:40


3 infusions (including blooming) up to 40g, up to 200g, up to 270, finished pouring at 1:35

Brewing recommendation: Aeropress with bypass

Amount of coffee 18 grams
Grinding degree

like Drip / Hario / filter coffee

Water temperature

90 degrees, 100 degrees, room temperature


Set up the Aeropress upside down so that the tank is open at the top.


Pour in 40ml and stir, water at 90°

After 35 seconds increase to 120ml, water at 90°, put on the lid with filter and close

Turn at 1:05 and press until 1:35

Then bypass with 50ml at 100° and 35ml room temperature

Video about Dulce Marlen filter coffee

Tell me more about Dulce Marlen

We have been visiting our partners from 18 Conejo in Honduras for several years. Flhor Zelaya runs the company and we named our Café Crème after her. We got to know Flhor's mother, Dulce Marlen, as a shrewd, decisive woman with a lot of mischief. Dulce Marlen grows coffee according to Demeter principles on her Finca Dulce Luna. Anyone who has experienced as much as Dulce Marlen deserves her own coffee, which we are happy to name after her. Napo(leon) is Dulce Marlen's son and contributed coffee for this year's harvest so that we could make a little more volume.

Customer Reviews

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Sehr ausgewogener leckerer Kaffee.
Die Beschreibung des Produkts trifft genau zu. Ideal für den Handfilter ( bei mir die V60).

Hallo Aimen,
danke für dein positives Feedback.
Wir wünschen leckeres Kaffeetrinken.

Cornelia Rossmann
Bin begeistert.

Mein Kaffee. :-)

Hi Cornelia,
wow, das ist super schön!

Ich habe meinen Kaffee gefunden.

Danke an Dulce Marlen für ihre Arbeit, Danke euch für diese Röstung und überhaupt Danke an alle, die an der "Kaffeekette" beteiligt sind. Habe endlich "meinen" Kaffee gefunden. Schmeckt mir persönlich sehr gut von euch genauso beschrieben, wie er auch schmeckt. Und wie zuvor, superschnelle Bearbeitung,/Lieferung, Dankeschön.

Hey Cornelia,
danke für deine vielen Danke`s.
Hört sich perfekt an.

Benjamin G.

Perfekter Kaffee, genau we beschrieben! Top Qualität!

Hartmut B.

Dulce Marlen finde ich in Ordnung. Er ist ein wenig süßlich, aber wenn man keinen Zucker verwendet, ist er angenehm zu trinken.