Ichamama Peaberry, filter coffee from Kenya

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Ichamama Peaberry - filter coffee from Kenya

The classic to the power of two: Peaberries are round beans that did not separate during growth. This gives the roasted coffee more density, which we feel in the texture: the coffee is really round and soft, has the obligatory, juicy Ichamama acidity, and shows notes of blackberry jam. The coffee is actually like the classic Ichamama filter coffee, but has a little more of everything.

Ichamama coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods and cold brew

Origin: Nyeri, Kenya

Producer: Ichamama Cooperative

Varieties: SL28, SL34 = 100% Arabica

Post-harvest process: pulped, fermented, washed

Arrived at the roastery: October 2022

All of our coffees are shipped as whole beans.

Brewing recommendation Ichamama PB: Hario V60

Amount of coffee 18 grams
Total amount of water

300 grams

Water temperature

90 degrees


50 grams (30 seconds)

Brewing time



4 infusions (including blooming) up to 50g, up to 120g, up to 200,

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

One of the exciting side effects of a long-term partnership is that we can taste the flavor profile of this coffee from many others. Nevertheless, it is always surprising how different flavors emerge more or less in one year. In 2014 the coffee tasted like a rhubarb compote, in 2017 it was the liquid Grether's pastille, in 2021 blackberries dominated the aroma, this year it is more reddish, acidic berries again.

Tell me more about Ichamama

The coffee maker love story! In 2013 we visited the Ichamama cooperative for the first time. We remember the encounter with the people well, but also with the animals - we were able to eat, among other things, a freshly slaughtered goat. In 2014 our Benjamin became Swiss champion in the Brewers Cup with the Ichamama. Felix took part in the Swiss championship in October 2022 with the fresh harvest and received top marks for the coffee. We have been in contact with the producers since 2013 and buy their coffee year after year. We have now co-financed drying beds so that the bottleneck of drying can be alleviated.

Our tasting results

Kenya Ichamama Peaberry

Why did we buy this coffee?

Because we taste several lots of Ichamama every year. For 10 years we have blindly chosen the AA, the largest beans. But last year at cupping there was a cup that was different - denser, fuller, like jam. It was the Peaberry. So we bought two 60kg bags of the coffee to show what a different shape of beans can do in terms of taste.

How do we roast this coffee?

We roast the coffee as a 12.5kg batch in the 30kg Giesen roaster. Short and sweet, we roast this coffee for 7:50 minutes with a development time of 3.4%, or just over 1 minute. We go into the roasting with 60% energy, throttle down to 50% after 2 minutes and leave the gas open - until the end. The coffee “sucks” a lot of heat, so we don’t take any energy back. We don't have any other coffee in our range that we roast like this.

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