Kabira, filter coffee

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Kabira - a natural filter coffee from Ethiopia, organic

Kabira is a flatterer coffee. Maybe a dandy like that - always elegant, not exaggerated, but extremely stylish. Kabira is one reason we love coffees from Ethiopia. We smell tropical fruits and persimmons, taste white tea and milk chocolate and feel a delicate acidity. The coffee is elegant and tea-like.

Kabira - green coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods & cold brew

Origin: Ethiopia, Jimma, Agaro

Producer: Mustafa Abba Keno, 2040 m above sea level

Varieties: 74110, 74112 & other local unspecified varieties

Post-harvest process: Natural, dry processed

All of our coffees are sold as whole beans.

Tell me more about Mustafa Abba Keno

Kabira was not on our plan. And now we are happy that he is here. Our actual filter coffee from Ethiopia sat in a container in the Saudi sun for so long that unfortunately the quality suffered. And just at the moment when we were disappointedly reflecting on the arrival of the goods, Bara from Falcon Coffee got in touch. She might have something - a coffee from Mustafa Abba Keno, a producer with whom Falcon has been working since 2018. Falcon Coffee has a team in Ethiopia and they met Mustafa because he has one of the sought-after export licenses. Since 2018, he has been able to sell coffee directly to exporters - like Falcon. Falcon has been working intensively with Mustafa since 2019, has invested in the infrastructure, offers agronomic know-how and together they are doing projects to involve neighboring producers. Mustafa now has two wet mills - Beshasha and Kabira. Kabira has more space for drying beds, which is why he makes the naturals there.

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

Unfortunately, we don't know that for sure yet - we haven't had any direct contact with Mustafa so far, but have been communicating through his coffees. This is interesting: Mustafa makes washed and honey-processed coffees, as well as naturals. Without knowing this, this information made sense after our blind tasting. Many naturals from the Jimma zone that we had tasted so far were very fatty, rich in aroma and very intense. Mustafa's coffee is much more elegant. He lets the coffee dry in the pulp for almost 30 days, which is a very long time. At the beginning he places fewer cherries on the drying beds and thus reduces the intensity of the fermentation. You can smell and taste it: the coffees are elegant, crystal clear and sometimes reminiscent of washed coffees.

How do we roast this coffee?

We roast the coffee as a 15kg batch on our 30kg Giesen roaster. We roast the coffee very briefly to emphasize the elegant, fruity aromas. With a roasting time of 8:08 and a development time of 47 seconds (9.6%), the coffee is definitely one of our light, tea-like coffees. Course before the first crack we take the gas off completely. Naturals tend to give off a lot of energy and almost roast themselves just before, and especially during, the first crack. So we take energy from the drum and let the coffee finish roasting itself.

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Torsten W.

Sehr schnelle Lieferung

Hi Torsten,
wir sind sehr bemüht schnell zu versenden. Gerade der Kaffee soll ja frisch beim Kunden ankommen.
Vielen Dank für Dein positives Feedback.