La Esperanza, filter coffee

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La Esperanza - filter coffee from Colombia

We only send our filter coffees to Germany in small batches from our Basel roastery in order to deliver the freshest possible coffee to you. So it can always happen that a filter coffee is “sold out” . The fresh delivery always arrives at the beginning of the week at the latest and can then be ordered again .

A filter coffee to ring in the summer. Sparkling, elegant, fruity in an unobtrusive way and simply extremely drinkable. We taste guava, cola, some Darjeeling. La Esperanza (Hope) is the name of Leidy Vergara's farm in Palestina, Colombia. A coffee that not only fits the times in terms of taste.

La Esperanza - Coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods and cold brew

Origin: Finca La Esperanza, Huila, Colombia

Producers: Leidy Vergara

Varieties: Pink Bourbon

Post-harvest process: Fermentation in cherries, fermentation in mucilage, washed

Arrived at the roastery: April 2022

All US coffees are shipped as whole beans.

Tell me more about Leidy Vergara's filter coffee

Our sports baristas, David and Dario, were actually looking for a coffee for the barista championships. They ordered samples from Colombian Spirit, we tasted them all blindly and knew immediately that we wanted to add this coffee to our range. The coffee comes from Leidy Vergara, who runs Finca La Esperanza in the second generation. In the meantime, the finca was occupied by guerrillas. Since 2015, Leidy Vergara has been producing coffee again and experimenting with a variety of post-harvest processes. We bought the coffee for the first time and are excited to immerse ourselves in Leidy's work through the taste.

Why does the coffee taste good? the way it tastes?

Leidy Vergara has used a process that requires a lot of precision because it consists of a double fermentation: after sorting, the coffee cherries are placed in closed barrels for 40 hours. In our experience, in this first fermentation the texture increases and the sweet-acid balance intensifies. She then de-pulped the coffee and placed it in a sealed barrel for a second fermentation for another 60 hours, controlling the temperature and pH. In the final step, the coffee was washed and dried in a plastic tunnel with plenty of air over seven days.

How do we roast this coffee?

We roast the coffee as a 15kg batch on our 30kg Giesen roaster. We roast the coffee for 9:05 minutes with a development time of 55 seconds. 10.3%. The coffee is very dense, it grows in a very cool climate. We like to roast dense coffees with a lot of energy before gradually reducing the gas supply in the last quarter. After the first crack, we let the rate of rise of the coffee drop quite steeply and pull the bean curve out a little flat.

Broth recipe

We brew the coffee in a ratio of 1:17 (e.g. 18g dosage, 310g water) at 95°. We're aiming for a brew time of 2:20 for the V60, which intensifies the lightness. In the Aeropress the coffee gains a little more texture. We got the highest variety of aromas in the Kalita and the V60, a Cola-like character in the French Press.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super saftig...

Der La Esperanza Filterkaffee ist sicherlich nichts für „Melitta-trinker“ (Ohne jemanden diskriminieren zu wollen! Mein Absprung von Melitta-Auslese ist noch nicht so lange her…). Er ist einfach super saftig. Wer nur schokoladige Kaffees mag, der wird hier nicht glücklich. Für Freunde von saftig/fruchtigen Kaffees mit spritziger Säure ist der La Esperanza aber sehr zu empfehlen. Für mich ist er nicht die Dauersorte (das ist bei dem Preis für mich auch leider nicht drin…) aber eine aufregende Abwechslung. Bohnenqualität, Röstung, Versand und Support von den Kaffeemacher:innen ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben.

Hi Tim,
du schreibst so ehrlich und gut über den La Esperanza. Danke für dieses sensationelle Feedback. Und ich finde auch, man kann in den Kaffees variieren.

Anne S.

Als blutige Anfängerin taste ich mich an die verschiedenen Brühmethoden langsam heran. Dieser Kaffee macht das für mich super mit. Sehr lecker!
Vielen Dank

Hi Anne,
danke für das Lob. Schön, dass du dich in die Kaffee Welt einarbeitetest. Da freut es uns besonders, dass du dies mit unserem La Esperanza machst.