Mamy, Robusta Espresso from Guinea

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Mamy - Specialty Robusta from Guinea

This strong and low-acid 100% Canephora (Robusta) from the Macenta rainforest region in Guinea convinces us. The taste of the Honey-Processed Robusta is very soft, almost buttery. The notes of toffee and roasted nuts linger for a long time. With their “Macenta Beans” project, Mamy and Relika show an example of how new, transparent approaches can break down old structures and bring about change.

Mamy, roasted for

Mamy - coffee information

Origin of the beans: Macenta, Guinea

Producers: verse. Small producers

Varieties: SL28, SL34. 100% Specialty Robusta

Post-harvest process: pulped, fermented with mucilage and dried

Arrived at the roastery: September 2022

All of our coffees are sold as whole beans.

This is how we would prepare the Mamy

Mamy, Robusta Espresso - Brewing Recipe

The Mamy Espresso requires a relatively fine grind. For example, if you are used to our Apas espresso, the Mamy requires a much finer grind setting on your grinder.

Mamy from Macenta Beans

Tell me more about Mamy

Mamy Dioubaté is a pioneer. The native Guinean did his doctorate in Germany and only later rediscovered his original homeland. The region around Macenta fascinated him. Coffee has long been grown in the UNESCO-protected rainforest region around Macenta, but a lack of direct market access, a lack of feedback from buyers and poor equipment never made coffee production particularly attractive for the local people. The conditions on site are extremely good for high-quality specialty products, or rather: Fine Robusta. Mamy and Relika are devoting their energy to building this young project and have big plans. We support them and are happy to be able to offer you their first big harvest.

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

The coffee is very low in acid - on the one hand because it is a 100% Robusta coffee, on the other hand because it is grown at around 600m above sea level. was grown. The very clean toffee note and the almost mild, classic aromas of roasted nuts and a bit of wood come from the variety itself, but only because the coffee has been selected with exceptional precision. The honey process, i.e. the fermentation with the mucilage around the coffee bean, gives the coffee its soft, almost buttery texture. For us the highlight in this coffee.

Why did we buy this coffee?

Because we had been looking for a specialty Robusta for our range for a long time and were looking for a coffee with a direct, personal connection. We now have a deep, mutual understanding with Mamy and Relika. We appreciate their work and would like to advance this fantastic project with them.

How do we roast this coffee?

As a 25kg batch on our 30kg roaster. We actually roast our slightly darker coffees at the full capacity of 30kg, but this coffee is very hard - Canephoras have hard cell walls and need a lot of heat for faster roasting. So we roast the coffee until before the first crack with 70% energy, which is a lot. We roast the coffee totally for 14:30 minutes to the same final temperature as our APAS. The degree of roasting is therefore similar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Klaus Hartmann
Absolut gelungen!

Das ist Espresso Genuss, den ich mir vorstelle!

Hallo Klaus,

danke für die tolle Rückmeldung.
Lass´ihn dir schmecken!

Matthias Wurster
Lecker…mehr gibt’s nicht zu sagen!

Der Mamy muss allerdings sehr fein gemahlen werden. Das braucht 1-2 Bezüge zum Einstellen der Mühle bei Bohnenwechsel.

Hallo Matthias,
danke für die 5 Sterne. Der Mamy muss sehr feingemahlen werden, das ist richtig. Danke für deine Rückmeldung.

Maren Hornischer
Super guter Kaffee 😍

Nach langem Suchen bin ich an euch gelangt und seit dem bestens zufrieden mit meinem Kaffee am Morgen ☺️

Hallo Maren,
yeah! Das freut uns! Tolle Rückmeldung zum Mamy.


Stefan Arz
Leider nicht so dolle für uns...

Leider war der Kaffee nicht wirklich nach unserem Geschmack. Wir konnten die Nuancen nicht wirklich so heraus schmecken. Aber ist halt alles immer auch Geschmackssache. Ansonsten schnelle Lieferung.

Hallo Stefan,

stimmt, es ist natürlich auch Geschmackssache und ein Robusta schmeckt schon anders als ein Arabica.
Danke für die individuelle Bewertung.

Joachim Stumpp

Ich kenn Leute, die sehr begeistert von diesem Kaffee sind. Mein Geschmack war es nicht. Zu Cappuccino verarbeitet ging er gut - der Espresso war nicht so mein Fall.

Hallo Joachim,
es ist natürlich Geschmackssache und ein Robusta ist etwas anderes als ein Arabica.
Danke für deine ehrliche Bewertung.