Stainless steel milk jug

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Stainless steel milk jug

You can only make a nice cappuccino with a good milk jug!
With this barista milk jug made of stainless steel, latte art challenges can also be achieved.

Product features of the milk jug

  • The shape of the jug is designed for a good pulling and rolling phase during milk frothing to ensure perfect milk foam.
  • The wall thickness is chosen so that you have optimal temperature control when frothing the milk.
  • The lowered spout ensures maximum control of the. Milk quantity and precision for latte art.
  • Capacity of the two milk jugs: 350ml & 600ml
  • Dimensions of the 350ml milk jug: height 9.5cm, top diameter 7cm, bottom diameter 8.2cm.
  • Dimensions of the 600ml milk jug: height 11.2cm, top diameter 7.5cm, bottom diameter 9.2cm
  • We also offer a 90ml jug , but this is intended for making latte macchiatos, i.e. as a vessel for making espresso.
  • Material: dishwasher safe stainless steel.
  • Both milk jugs (350ml & 600ml) have the lettering 'EDO'

Why are we selling these milk jugs?

These milk jugs simply enable good milk frothing. In this way, the drawing phase, i.e. bringing ambient air and thus volume into the milk, and the rolling phase, i.e. the milk circulates and destroys the air bubbles, are successful. With the result of the perfect, creamy milk foam consistency. The lowered spout is also very important, as it allows the amount of milk flowing out and the shape being poured to be controlled very well and a very contrasting pattern can be poured. Last but not least, we like the classic design, which fits into any environment. Without a lot of frills and at the same time high-quality design.

Customer Reviews

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Anne Stretching
Ein Milchkännchen zum Weiterempfehlen

Ein solides Kännchen, mit dem sich sehr schön „geradeaus gießen" :) lässt, man hat einen guten Halt beim Schäumen, die Höhe ist ebenfalls ausreichend und der Preis passt.

Hey Anne,
vielen Dank für die gute Bewertung die alle wichtigen Details benennt.

Nina Schneider
Alles super

Schönes Milchkännchen, gute Verarbeitung.

Hi Nina,
danke für das positive Feedback.

Thomas Weyrauther
Kännchen in hübscher Optik

Verarbeitung wirkt solide. Ansonsten halt ein Milchkännchen ;-)

Hallo Thomas,
danke für deine 5 Sterne Bewertung.

Jürgen Quensel
Wie erwartet

Artikel entspricht meinen Erwartungen/Anforderungen in vollem Maße.

Hallo Jürgen,
das ist eine tolle Rückmeldung von dir. Vielen Dank dafür.

Thomas Seitz

super Kännchen

Hallo Thomas,
danke für das positive Feedback.