Milk lance cleaner - Clean Steam

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Milk lance cleaner - Clean Steam

A great cappuccino is something wonderful, a contaminated milk lance is not!

Clean Steam is suitable for quickly and thoroughly cleaning the steam lances, milk nozzles and the milk foam system of portafilter machines and fully automatic coffee machines .

Product features Milk lance cleaner - Clean Steam

  • Contents: 500ml
  • Reliably dissolves milk proteins.
  • Dried protein residue can simply be wiped off or steamed off after soaking.
  • Safety instructions:
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • If possible, avoid inhaling the resulting aerosols.
    • Clean utensils thoroughly after use.
    • Wear eye protection.

How do I clean my steam wand?

To do this, remove the front part of the steam lance and place it in a milk jug. Then fill the jug with 300ml of hot water and 10ml of the cleaning agent and place the steam wand in it; the rubber from the machine should not get into the water. After about 10 minutes you can wipe off the dirt, screw it together and allow the steam wand to evaporate sufficiently. So nothing stands in the way of perfect, clean milk foam.

Alternatively, clean the machine with Clean Steam according to the coffee machine manufacturer's instructions.

Why do we sell milk lance cleaner - Clean Steam?

An important note in advance. If you wipe your steam lance thoroughly after each use and "steam it out", you don't necessarily need to use an additional cleaner such as Clean Steam.

Clean Steam is a protein cleaner and not a grease cleaner. There are residues on milk lances or milk foam systems, made from protein, that can remain. Protein residues can also remain on the valves within the milk lances. An example is the Slayer in our café at the train station in Basel. The milk lance must be inserted and cleaned regularly.

Clean Steam is a simple and straightforward way to do this cleaning.

Clean Steam is not suitable for cleaning the brew group; Clean Powder is suitable for this.

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