Nelson Jiménez, filter coffee from Mexico

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Nelson Jiménez, filter coffee from Mexico

Nelson Jiménez is building on his legacy. He runs the family farm on the border with Mexico, makes washed coffees according to local tradition and has perfected the post-harvest process. His Microlot convinced us because of its juicy, tangy acidity and high balance. The coffee reminds us of oranges and sponge cake. The floral notes shimmer across all temperature levels. We are pleased to be able to give you sensory access to the work of Cafeología with coffee.

Nelson Jiménez - Coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods such as: hand filter, AeroPress, French Press and Cold Brew

Origin: Amatenango de la Frontera , Chiapas, Mexico

Producer : Nelson Jiménez

Varieties: Bourbon, Oro Azteca, Catimor

Post-harvest process: pulped, fermented with water for 36 hours, dried

Arrived at the roastery: February 2023

Brewing recommendation Nelson Jiménez: Hario V60

Amount of coffee 20 grams
Total amount of water

300 grams

Water temperature



45 grams (30 seconds)

Brewing time



4 infusions (including blooming) up to 45g, up to 120g, up to 200, up to 300, finished pouring at 1:45

Tell me more about Nelson Jiménez and Cafeología

“The success of this project lies in the fact that it exists at all,” says Jésus Salazar, founder of Cafeólogo in San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico. For four years, Jésus has been working with Tzotzil Mayan coffee producers and founded a processing station with them for coffee and creates bridges between two cultures, languages ​​and, as he says, “universes where we combine our knowledge and talents into a greater whole.” In October 2022 we visited Cafeología in San Cristóbal and were able to deepen the collaboration. Nelson Jiménez came into contact with Cafeología through the Premio Cafeología - a competition in which Cafeología encourages producers to submit their best coffees for a blind tasting. That was 2020, Nelson reached 5th place and has been working with the Cafeología team ever since, producing according to the standards they set together.

Why did we buy this coffee?

Because coffee is the epitome of careful work and because we admire Cafelogía's approach. We liked Nelson Jiménez's coffee because we found everything in the coffee that we value so much about specialty coffee. A high balance, floral and slightly fruity notes, and all supported by a full-bodied body. Cafeología aims to attract producers of quality coffee. They provide monetary incentives for higher quality and thus guarantee direct market access in a neglected region that would otherwise be denied to many producers. To this end, Cafeología is committed to being present and passing on knowledge. Jesús Salazar's team works completely transparently and brings impulses to a community that is largely ignored by official Mexico. More on this in Blog .

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

We told Jesús last year that we wanted a washed coffee. He and Claudia, who runs the sensory laboratory, sent us four samples. We have selected two of them. Nelson Jimenez and Pedro Lopez. Nelson Jiménez coffee offers a balance between sweetness and acidity at a very high level. The acidity is citrusy and fresh, reminding us of oranges. In terms of aroma, the coffee brings notes of biscuit, oranges and has this floral shimmer across all temperature levels. The coffee was pulped and washed. In doing so, Nelson follows local tradition - his farm is high in the mountains and it rains a lot. The washed post-harvest process allows this acidity to shine without adding any aroma to the coffee. In this way, Nelson preserves and perfects the regional heritage.

How do we roast this coffee?

As a 12.5kg batch on our 30kg roaster. In 10:10 we roast the coffee through, with a development time of 1:04, respectively. 10.5%. The coffee is large bean and dense. So that we roast it evenly, we extend the roasting a little. During the first crack, the coffee releases a lot of energy, so we massively reduce the gas supply before the first crack, but then continue this until the end.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super toller Filterkaffee

Danke liebe Kaffeemacher - ich kannte den Kaffee vorher nicht. Sehr lecker.

Hallo Jannick,
das freut mich. Lass ihn dir weiterhin schmecken.
Tolle Bewertung, danke.

Thomas Gross
Guter Filterkaffee

Guter Filterkaffee. Sehr balanciert. Ich habe Ihn direkt nach dem Ichamama getrunken welcher mich umgehauen hat. Im direkten Vergleich daher hier "nur" gut.

Hi Thomas,
tolles Feedback und danke, dass du dein Urteil in Relation setzt.