Sofía y Pancho, Mexico, filter coffee

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Sofía y Pancho - filter coffee from Mexico

A rare coffee of the Pluma variety from the town of the same name, Pluma Hidalgo, in the southwest of Mexico. Rosé-like notes meet a deep nutty base and are structured by a delicate acidity. A nano story from a mountain nest in Mexico reaches you at home and our fascination with coffee is further nourished.

Sofía y Pancho coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods

Origin: Mexico, Oaxaca, Sierra Madre del Sur, Pluma Hidalgo

Producers: Manto Niebla, Sofía and Pancho Villareal

Varieties: Pluma

Post-harvest process: Natural

Tell me more about Sofia and Pancho

In the summer of 2020, we came across her work via an Instagram story that was shared twice. Sofia is a trained pediatrician and Pancho is an agronomist. In 2015 they bought a finca in the historic town of Pluma Hidalgo in the south of Oaxaca. In 2020, just at the time we met online, they were able to harvest for the first time. We received samples, gave feedback, were in dialogue and a year later the second harvest followed - and we liked it so much that we bought two mini lots. This year they made a natural for us, which they harvested, fermented and dried with a lot of meticulousness. With the help of our partners at Ensambles, Sofia and Pancho were able to bring their coffee to us.

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

It tastes unusually common. The taste is familiar, and yet not - the Pluma variety has a deep, nutty, distinct nougat characteristic. The coffee is unusual because at the same time a delicate, slightly juicy acidity structures the coffee. Fermentation in tanks, without air, added ripe grape notes that, combined with the acidity, remind us of a rosé wine. The combination of hazelnut notes and a delicate acidity is unusual; one often comes without the other.

Why did we buy this coffee?

Because we like the unusual combination of flavors, because we are impressed by Sofía and Pancho's passion project, and because the coffees from Pluma Hidalgo have an eventful history. Today there are only 20 villages that are allowed to call their coffee "Pluma de Hidalgo", it is a protected variety that is now considered indigenous.

How do we roast this coffee?

With 9 minutes total roasting time and a development time of 40 seconds - which is relatively short, but we increased the final temperature of the coffee by 2° to emphasize the more chocolaty notes. We roast this coffee with constantly decreasing gas settings and let it really go wild again for the first crack - when the roaster flap is opened, the coffee cracks into the sieve and cools down.

Brewing recommendation from David: coming soon

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great product, highly recommended.

Aljoscha P.

Schmeckt mir am besten aus der Stempelkanne nach der James Hoffman Methode. Ich nehme 7g Kaffee auf 100 ml Wasser bei, wer es mild mag, sollte vielleicht weniger nehmen. Bei einer Kontaktzeit von 9 Minuten ist er eher säurebetont, wenn man ihm mehr Zeit gibt, dann ist er eher nussig mit ein paar Röstaromen. Richtig lecker! Schade, dass er schon ausverkauft ist…