Apas, organic espresso from Brazil

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Apas, organic espresso from Brazil

For uncomplicated enjoyment. Nutty, chocolaty, low in acid. A classic espresso with a heavy body and long aftertaste. 100% Brazil, 100% Cooperative APAS.

Apas, roasted for

Apas - coffee information

Origin of the beans: Brazil, São Gonçalo do Sapucaí

Producers: Cooperative APAS

Varieties: Local varieties such as Mondo Novo and Catuai. 100% Arabica.

Post-harvest process: Natural

Certification: Organic (DE-ÖKO-039)

All of our coffees are sold as whole beans.

This is how we would prepare the Apas

Apas, espresso - brew recipe

Why does the Apas taste the way it does?

The APAS blend is a blend of coffees from various members of the APAS cooperative. 71 members have formed to market their coffee together under the APAS brand. In the São Gonçalo do Sapucaí region, they grow a wide variety of varieties and are repeatedly successful in coffee competitions such as the Cup of Excellence, both as a cooperative and as individual producers. The coffee cherries for the APAS blend were dried on the patio and then mechanically depulped. This post-harvest process highlights the nutty and chocolatey notes of this coffee.

Tell me more about Apas Espresso

In our barista training courses, we needed a coffee that meets many users where they are. It should be a solid coffee, low in acid, easy to adjust, forgiving and yet clearly different from a mass-produced product. Our Felix visited our partners from the APAS cooperative in Brazil in 2018 and tasted a number of coffees. This coffee, a blend from the APAS members, convinced Felix and met all the criteria we set for the coffee.

If you would like to find out more about the APAS cooperative, our long-standing collaboration and the next steps, we have created an overview here on Kaffeemacher.ch .

Why did we buy this coffee?

We got to know APAS through our friends from algrano , who handle the majority of the green coffee processing for us. APAS was the first cooperative to believe in algrano's platform approach and is now increasingly marketing its coffees and its history digitally.

After an initial purchase of around 2000kg of green coffee in 2018, Felix traveled to Brazil, where he laid the foundation for a fruitful collaboration with Maurico, Alessandro and Ademilson. The three of them founded the cooperative and have now found 71 producers who identify with the work of APAS.

We are supporting Apas in switching to organic farming and will be purchasing almost all organic production from summer 2022.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 826 reviews
Kai D

Werde mich jetzt peu à peu durch verschiedene Espressosorten durchprobieren. Der Apas ist schon mal ein guter Start. Kräftig und sehr runder Geschmack. Gefällt mir schon mal sehr gut.

sehr sehr gut als Espresso und Capo. im Abo seid Monaten

Im Abo, sehr zufrieden.

Margit Gebhardt

Übersichtlichkeit bei der Bestellung, zügige Lieferung, großartiger Genuss!

Hallo Margit,

hört sich sehr gut an. Perfekt. danke, für die schöne Rückmeldung.

Carsten Meyer
Lecker Kaffee

Seit Monaten erprobte Kaffeesorte für meine Siebträgermaschine. Röstung nie älter als 1 Monat.

Hallo Carsten,
das klingt sehr gut. Danke, für deine nette Bewertung.

Tina Manz

Uns schmeckt diese Bohne superfein. Die Einstellung in der Mühle hat gut geklappt .
Werden erstmal ein Abo dafür abschließen.

Hallo Tina,
vielen Dank für die schöne Rückmelung.