Small batch, Mooleh Manay filter coffee

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Limited Mooleh Manay filter coffee

Sometimes there are a few kilos of great coffee left over. These small batch coffees are then available in limited quantities for a short time. Have fun with it.

Roasted for all common filter methods such as: hand filter, AeroPress, French Press and Cold Brew

Flavor description:

  • Panettone, liqueur, caramel
  • tangy acidity, well integrated
  • full body

Green coffee information: Mooleh Manay, India

Origin: Nakur Shirangala, Kerala, India

Producers: Mooleh Manay

Arabica varieties: S795, Cautai, SLN6, Chandragiri

Post-harvest process: natural

Arrived at the roastery: February 2024

More information about Mooleh's work from This Side Up

All of our coffees are sold as whole beans

Preparation recommendation for filter coffees

We have created a detailed blog post with recipes for the different filter coffee methods. Click here to go straight to the instructions for delicious filter coffee .

Why is there coffee left?

The coffee was part of our online tasting at the beginning of March, when Nadja and Philipp discussed “Coffees from Asia”.

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