90ml latte macchiato pot

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90ml latte macchiato pot

We have been looking for a high-quality 90ml jug for our catering industry for a long time. Now we have had one produced. The 90ml size is suitable as an espresso pot and is especially suitable for preparing (multi-layered) latte macchiato. The 90ml jug is also suitable for serving milk with coffee.

Features 90ml latte macchiato pot

  • Made of stainless steel, suitable for use in the catering industry.
  • High-quality and full-featured handle , construction and quality comparable to a 350ml or 600ml milk jug.
  • The 90ml jug is suitable for Preparation of latte macchiato . To do this, espresso is extracted directly into the jug and carefully poured into the milk foam - you can find the recipe for a latte macchiato below.
  • In our Café spring We also repurpose the small pot Milk for coffee to serve.
  • Not suitable for frothing milk in a jug.
  • When preparing cocktails, for example Serving syrup or other subtleties, the stainless steel jug also cuts a fine figure.
  • Care instructions: The jug is dishwasher safe.
  • Dimensions: The height is only 5cm and the diameter is also 5cm. The jug is not wide enough to fit under both spouts of a double spout portafilter at the same time.

Preparation of latte macchiato

The latte macchiato with cow's milk or milk alternatives such as oat, soy or rice milk is a popular, easy-to-make coffee drink. A latte macchiato consists of a simple espresso and at least 2dl milk. This means that the latte macchiato has a higher milk content than, for example, the cappuccino. The lower coffee and caffeine concentration makes the latte macchiato interesting for drinkers who like to experiment or are sensitive to caffeine.

Recipe for making a latte macchiato

  • 120 - 160 ml of milk foam with a 600 ml milk jug . The milk increases in volume as it foams. A target temperature for foaming is 63 degrees. Tip: how do you know when the right temperature has been reached? We are pragmatic here. If the bottom of the milk jug is no longer comfortable to touch, the temperature is pretty good.
  • Pour the milk into a tall glass . The layers then slowly settle. Put a long-handled spoon into the glass now so as not to destroy the layering later.
  • Extract espresso into the small 90ml pot . Important: Always prepare espresso after foaming. The espresso must be hotter than the milk foam so that the layers separate easily later. Tip: If the temperature is not sufficient, you can help with a sip of hot water from the espresso machine's tea drawer.
  • Carefully pour the espresso from the small jug into the milk foam. If you pour carefully, a colder layer of milk will remain at the bottom. The hotter layer of espresso is placed on top. The final step is a thicker layer of foam.

Unfortunately, the latte macchiato in the tiered form is more beautiful than it is tasty. We like the latte macchiato best when the individual layers are mixed. We also serve it in our Café Frühling and in our Café at the SBB train station.

Which coffee goes well with a latte macchiato?

Due to the large amount of milk, there is a risk that the taste of less strong coffees will be masked. That's why we recommend strong and full-flavored coffee like this when preparing a latte macchiato Apas , the tricorn hat or the Henrique .

The Apas tastes like milk chocolate in a latte macchiato. The Dreispitz shines through with its different facets, revealing an elegant bitter chocolate note and fine acidity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Endlich ein tolles Kännchen für Latte Macchiato, bin begeistert, lässt sich gut dosieren bzw eingießen.
Genau die richtige Größe.

Hi Thomas,

wie schön, dass du nun das Passende gefunden hast. Danke, für die 5 Sterne Bewertung.


Markus L.
Kleiner Helfer bei zu großen Tassen

Ideal zum Abwiegen meiner Espressoextraktion bei zu großen Tassen, die wegen der Waage nicht mehr unter den Siebträger passen! Passt gut zum bereits vorhandenen Kaffee-Equipment!

Hey Markus,
vielen Dank für deine positive Rückmeldung.

Solide und wertig

Das 90ml Latte Macchiato Kännchen vom den Kaffeemachern ist echt super! Ich nutze es, um meinen Espresso zu beziehen und in einen leckeren Cappuccino zu verwandeln, und es passt perfekt unter die Ausläufer meines Doppelsiebträgers. Die Qualität fühlt sich echt gut an, solide und wertig. Bin richtig happy damit!

Hallo C.S.
wenn du happy bist, sind wir das auch.
Danke für die sehr gute Bewertung.

Klein, aber fein :-)

Sehr hochwertiges Kännchen.

Hi Chrissi,
danke für die top Bewertung unseres kleinsten Kännchens.

Verarbeitung top, Durchmesser leider etwas zu klein

Schöne Edelstahlkanne, die einen doppelten Espresso aufnimmt.
Leider spritzt der neue bodenlose Siebträger sehr viel Espresso daneben, weil der Durchmesser der Kanne einfach zu klein ist, sodass die Kanne nun bei mir nicht mehr zum Einsatz kommt.
Jemand mit einem Siebträger, der einen genauen Ablauf hat, wird mit der Kanne jedoch sehr zufrieden sein.

Hey Matthias,
danke für deine Rückmeldung und gute Bewertung.