Rioja, filter from Peru

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Rioja - filter coffee from Peru

Rarely have we been so in agreement when choosing a new coffee: lots of caramel meets a delicate acidity and a soft texture. Emma Rioja's coffee is the definition of balance. A coffee for everyone who is looking for smooth, enjoyable filter coffees.

Rioja - green coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods such as: hand filter, AeroPress, French Press and Cold Brew

Origin: Huabal, Perlamayo, Peru

Producers: Emma Rioja and family

Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra

Post-harvest process: depulped, reposa, fermented without water, washed

Arrived at the roastery: February 2024

Brewing recommendation Rioja from David: Hario Switch

Amount of coffee 17 grams
Total amount of water

250 grams

Grinding degree 4.0.0
Age of roasting 10 days
Water temperature

60 & 88 degrees


50 grams (30 seconds)

Brewing time


Infusions 0:00 Pour 50g at 60 degrees (valve closed)
0:25 Open valve
Pour 0:35 to 150g at 88 degrees
1:15 Close the valve & pour on 250g at 88 degrees
1:45 Open valve

    David used the following equipment to develop the recipe:

    Water: total hardness 3 °dH, alkalinity 1.5 °dH (more about coffee water )
    Mill: Kinu M47 Classic
    Dripper: Hario Switch
    Filter paper: Hario V60 paper

      Tell me more about the Rioja Family

      The Rioja family has been growing coffee on one hectare of land for several generations. The farm is located north of Jaén at 1900 m above sea level, so very high - the coffee grows slower, the day-night temperature differences are larger and the sunlight is stronger. In such growing conditions, the chances of high-quality coffee are very good and the Rioja family focuses fully on the highest quality, as their production quantities are limited.

      Why does Rioja coffee taste good? the way it tastes?

      We have been buying coffee from the region north of Jaén for several years. The Chirinos Espresso comes from the same region, as do the coffees from recent years from Elevi Rufasto, Roger Chilcón and Eli Espinoza. Yes, we were impressed by the region and the flavor profile. Many producers work with Caturras and Bourbon varieties, ferment the coffee minimally and dry it slowly. We always find a light, sweet fruitiness, always with a soft texture and very delicate acidity.

      Why did we buy this coffee?

      Because we enjoy being able to represent coffee from a small family farm here, being able to spin the story from a 1-hectare farm all the way to Switzerland, and because the coffee suits us exactly the way we imagine lovely filter coffees to be, and how we like to roast filter coffees.

      How do we roast this coffee?

      We roast the coffee as a 12.5kg batch on our 30kg Giesen roaster. We roast the coffee for 9 minutes with a development time of 55 seconds and a slightly higher final temperature. The green coffee is very hard, so we have to roast with a lot of energy until almost the end so that the heat penetrates into the core. We decided to roast the coffee this way so that the caramel and slightly fruity notes come into a nice balance with the delicate acidity.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Anja Mohr

      Absolut toller Kaffee

      Hallo Anja,

      perfekt, freut uns.

      Christian K
      Ausgewogener Kaffee

      Sehr ausgewogener, harmonischer Kaffee.
      Meine erste Bestellung bei Euch und direkt ein Volltreffer.

      Hallo Christian,

      danke für die schöne Rückmeldung.