Elisa, filter coffee

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Elisa - filter coffee from El Salvador

Elisa's tangy, tasty filter coffee is here. We find notes of yellow stone fruit and brown sugar, all with a high balance of acidity and sweetness. The story behind this coffee leads from the farm, via Juan (our roaster), to us. If the roaster also imports coffee, then the coffee lives even more.

Elisa - coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods and cold brew

Origin: El Salvador, Chalatenango, La Palma,

Producer: Elisa and René Aguilar

Varieties: Pacamara (100% Arabica)

Post-harvest process: pulped, dried with some remaining mucilage

Arrived at the roastery: July 2022

All of our coffees are shipped as whole beans.

Tell me more about Elisa’s work

Elisa is the daughter of René Aguilar, a long-time coffee producer who grows coffee in the northeast of the country. The region around La Palma is rather new on the map for specialty coffee and was influenced by René's work. Now his daughter Elisa is increasingly at the helm and is taking over many processes at the family-run la Monta ñita. Juan Boillat, roaster and barista in our team, has known Elisa and René for a long time and has wanted to export coffee from his homeland for a long time. He's now doing that with Boillat Reserve and it was clear that Elisa's coffee had to be included in his first export.

Why does the coffee taste good? the way it tastes?

Our roaster Juan visited Elisa and René in January and raved about the pacamara, which was so tangy and sweet. Shortly afterwards he brought samples with him from El Salvador and the assembled group could only nod and smile - the coffee was exactly as Juan described. Tangy, sweet, tasty. After picking, the Pacamara cherries were pulped immediately, briefly placed in a basin of water and then dried as honey. We know this sweet-sour interplay of honey coffees from Central America well, and so this balance is also in the foreground here. The gentle, fruity notes of mirabelle plums and yellow stone fruit give the coffee its depth. The aroma is unobtrusive but long-lasting.

Brewing recommendation Elisa: Hario V60

Amount of coffee 19 grams
Total amount of water

300 grams

Water temperature

93 degrees


55 grams (30 seconds)

Brewing time



4 infusions (including blooming) up to 55g, up to 125g, up to 220, up to 300, finished pouring at 1:35

Why did we shop for Elisa?

Because we like stories behind the coffees. Juan is originally from El Salvador and is one of our longest-standing employees. He now satisfies his longing for El Salvador by importing selected, small lots of green coffee. He knows the farm, René and Elisa personally and is probably the best ambassador for their work.

How do we roast Elisa?

Short and sweet, really: 8:25 minutes. As a 12.5kg batch in a 30kg roaster, we go into the roasting with a lot of energy (65% gas) to give the coffee a lot of momentum at the beginning. The coffee beans are large and dense. We roast such coffees a little more aggressively at the beginning. Then we continuously remove energy and leave the coffee in the roaster for 1 minute after the first crack, which corresponds to a development time of 12%.

Broth recipe - Elisa

will follow shortly

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Fischer


Hi Michael,
wir finden Elisa auch lecker. weiterhin schmecken lassen.
Dankeschön für die feine Bewertung.

Alexander Schaub
Eine leckere Herausforderung

Tolle Bohnen, die herrlich duften. Ein fruchtiger Kaffee mit angenehmer Säure, wenn man den Dreh raus hat. Mahlgrad, Brühzeit… hier muss man ein wenig experimentieren. Beim ersten Mal meinte meine Frau, die Milch sei sauer.

Hallo Alexander,
danke für dein positives Feedback zu unserem Elisa. Herausforderungen sind ja nicht immer schlecht. Und hier wirst du belohnt mit leckerem Kaffee. Mir bereitet es immer Freude, an einem Kaffee zu experimentieren. Toll, das du das auch gemacht hast.

Mike Keßler

Liebe Kaffeemacher =)
Also dieser Kaffee hat mich mal echt umgehauen.
Wirklich soooo lecker.
Meistens trinke ich, wenn die Zeit es erlaubt 2 Kaffees pro Tag. Allerdings nicht zwischen Tür und Angel.
Es ist meine Auszeit. Und dieser Kaffee, den ich nach eurem eingepflegtem Brührezept zubereitet habe im V60 hat mich einfach soooo begeistert dass ich bereits über Instagram ein Lob loswerden musste.
Er schmeckt einfach nach mehr. Süffig und saftig. Damit habt ihr in eurer Beschreibung den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen.


Liebe Grüße nach Basel

Hey Mike,
mega Lob. Vielen Dank. Da freuen wir uns sehr.
Genieße deine Auszeit weiter mit dem Elisa.