Adan Chocan, espresso

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Adán Chocan - Espresso from Peru

Fruity, fresh, chocolaty, all at the same time. This Natural Espresso from Peru combines pretty much everything we like in coffee. We are starting our Peruvian Spring with this coffee - we bought a total of four coffees this year that we would like to share with you. Mr. Chocan goes first.

Adan Chocan - coffee information

Roasted for: espresso and cappuccino and all other milk drinks

Origin: Finca El Roble, Chirinos, Peru

Producers: Adan Chocan

Varieties: mixed

Post-harvest process: Natural, dry processed

All of our coffees are sold as whole beans.

Tell me more about Mr. Chocan's Espresso

Adán Chocan and his family run Finca el Roble in the north of Jaén, the coffee capital of northern Peru. The finca is very small at 2.5 hectares - in order to be able to live at least partially from coffee production with the small yield, the Chocans rely on high quality. Falcon Specialty Importers has recognized this and works directly with small producers in the Jaén region, oversees the processes and creates new market access.

Why does the coffee taste good? the way it tastes?

Dry-processed coffees from the Jaén region were previously rare, but they are slowly becoming more and more available. The weather patterns are shifting, it is becoming drier and the sun is becoming more intense. This change allows the coffee to be dried in the cherry - Adán Chocan has made a virtue out of necessity. At 1400 m above sea level The coffee grows slowly, which brings out the elegant acidity. Drying in the cherry for 20 days gives the coffee the fruity notes of papaya and plum, as well as heavily chocolatey notes that we know from long drying times.

How do we roast this coffee?

We roast the coffee as a 20kg batch on our 30kg Giesen roaster. We roast the coffee for 11:30 minutes with a development time of 1:18 minutes, respectively. 11.3%. We roast naturals differently than washed coffees because they release more and more energy in the last third of the roasting process. So we reduce the gas continuously, but keep it at 15% during the development period, otherwise the coffee would collapse. The short development time helps the coffee retain its delicate acidity and fine fruity aromas.

Broth recipe

We brew the coffee in a ratio of 1:2.5 (example: 19g dosed coffee, 48g brewing quantity in the cup) in a time of 30 to 32 seconds. A denser brewing ratio (e.g. 1: 2.3) increases the texture and aroma - which we find particularly great in combination with milk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jens N.

Süß, fruchtig und schokoladig

Hi Jens,
genau so ist der Adan Chocan. Danke für die positive Bewertung!

Stephan K.

Sehr leckere Sondersorte, gerne wieder. Hatte zwei Packungen weg wie nix 😊

Hi Stephan,
ja der Adan Chocan war sehr besonders. Der nachfolge Espresso, der ähnlich ist, ist der Boa Vista.
Danke für deine tolle Bewertung.

Florian K.

Gute Bohnen, jedoch leider nicht mein Geschmack

Hi Florian,
danke für deine ehrliche Meinung. Geschmack ist immer individuell und der Adan Chocan ist schon sehr besonders.
Gruß Britta

Florian B.

Kräftiger Espresso mit fruchtig-sauren Hauptnoten.
Wer Grapefruit, Papaya und Schokolade mag, dürfte Spaß daran haben :)

Hallo Florian,
auf jeden Fall steht beim Adan Chocan die fruchtige Note im Vordergrund.
Danke für Dein schönes Feedback!

Philipp Gierlich

Tolle Nase und Tasse, mit meiner Mazzer Mini allerdings nicht das volle Potenzial herauszuholen. Dominante Säure, muss man mögen.