Portafilter for Delonghi Dedica with 2 spouts

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Portafilter Delonghi Dedica with 2 spouts

Important information: the walnut version is unfortunately sold out, a replacement is on the way and should be available around April 20th. arrive with us. Please leave us your email address HERE and we will inform you as soon as the portafilters arrive.

We keep getting the question: Where can we find a good and suitable portafilter with a double spout for the Delonghi Dedica EC685 and EC885? We tested and tinkered and found a suitable supplier.

Product features of the portafilter with double spout

    • Available FSC-certified wood species: walnut, ash
    • The portafilter will Includes a high-quality sieve (25mm). With our APAS espresso The sieve is suitable for 16g.
    • You can find an optional sieve for a single espresso shot (12.5g) here
    • The sieve used is suitable for tampers with a diameter of 51mm . The original tamper from Delonghi also fits, of course. Alternatively, you can find a suitable tamper here (please note the color and type of wood) .
    • This portafilter can be combined very well with ours Measuring cup with 51mm diameter .
    • Suitable for the following machines
      • Delonghi Dedica Style EC685.W
      • Delonghi Dedica Style EC685.R
      • Delonghi Dedica Style EC685.M
      • Delonghi Dedica Style EC685.BK
      • Delonghi Dedica Style EC785.AE
      • Delonghi Dedica Arte EC885.GY
      • Delonghi Dedica Arte EC885.BG
      • Delonghi Dedica EC 680
      • SMEG ECF01
      • not suitable for the Beem
    • The handle is not dishwasher safe. Cleaning products are also unsuitable. Can only be cleaned with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.
    • Alternatively, we also have one bottomless portafilter for the Dedica family in the range
    • The sieve and the carrier are made of high-quality stainless steel
    • Handle, retaining spring and sieve can be removed. Please do not unscrew the spout , as you will not find the spout in the same position again when assembling it.
    • The distance between the spouts is 4cm, the height of the portafilter is 7cm.
    • Scope of delivery: portafilter including 16g sieve (25mm height).
    • You can find an additional 12.5g sieve (20mm height) for a single cover here

    Practical application tips for the Delonghi Dedica

    What to do if the portafilter splashes?

    The Delonghi Dedica tends to channel. Channeling occurs when the coffee sputters or flows out of the sieve very unevenly. It is important that you work precisely. Our testing with this machine shows that vigorous tamping helps reduce the risk of channeling. In addition, the sieve should be sufficiently filled, for example with 16g APAS and not only half full. Here you will find one Video on the topic of channeling.

    Wet puck

    The Delonghi Dedica tends to leave a very wet coffee puck in the portafilter after coffee has been made. We recommend leaving the portafilter in place after covering it and placing a cup underneath it. This allows excess coffee to drip off and makes cleaning the portafilter easier.

    After moving in - wait a moment

    After coffee has been drawn, there may still be a certain amount of pressure on the clamped portafilter. If you loosen the portafilter (regardless of whether this portafilter or the original one) immediately after the end of the brewing process, a certain amount of coffee may "slosh" out of the portafilter. Here, too, it helps to leave the portafilter in the machine for a short time after it has been used.

    Working with a measuring cup

    Filling the ground material into the portafilter is made much easier with a measuring cup and ensures significantly less mess. We use this measuring cup for this in our academies Our measuring cup 51mm .

    Working with scales

    We recommend you use one when preparing it Scales (3 reasons for a coffee scale Video ) to achieve a consistently delicious result and to be able to try out different preparation methods. You can find more tips on making espresso here here .

    Our video test series for the Delonghi Dedica family

    We recorded a new video test series for the Delonghi Dedica in autumn 2023.

    The first video is a comparison between the Delonghi Dedica 685 and the Delonghi Dedica 885

    A 24-minute test and comparison video for the Delonghi Dedica 685 and the Delonghi Dedica 885. Published in September 2023.

    Upgrade video: This is how your Delonghi Dedica gets better

    In this 12-minute test video we show which extensions and upgrades to the Delonghi Dedica 685 and Delonghi Dedica 885 make sense. Published in October 2023.

    Make good espresso with the Delonghi Dedica 685 and Delonghi Dedica 885

    In this 15-minute video we show what to pay attention to when preparing an espresso and how to achieve a delicious espresso result with the Delonghi Dedica 685 and the Delonghi Dedica 885.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 191 reviews

    Alles tipptopp

    Sehr zufrieden

    Wir haben uns den Siebträger vor einigen Wochen gekauft und lieben ihn.
    Kaffee plätschert nicht beim Auslaufen, der Holzhandgriff liegr sehr gut in der Hand und durch das abnehmbare Sieb kann mann alles sekundenschnell abspülen und trocken.
    Zudem Ganzen sieht der Siebträger sehr schön aus und macht alles noch eleganter zum Displayen.
    Definitive Empfelung für die Delonghi Dedica 885!

    Samuel Weigel
    Sehr zufrieden!

    Die Lieferung war schnell und unkompliziert, der Siebträger sieht sehr schön und hochwertig aus. Durch das höhere Gewicht im Vergleich zum originalen Siebträger liegt er sehr angenehm in der Hand.

    Cordula Kurda
    Perfekte Ergänzung!!

    Der Siebträger passt perfekt zu der Delonghi Dedica die ich mir gekauft habe!! Die ich mir durch die Empfehlungen von den Kaffeemachern gekauft habe !! Der Siebträger ist auch schwerer und hochwertig verarbeitet! Er läßt sich ebenfalls auch besser reinigen. Nach einigen Tassen, ich glaube fast ein Paket Kaffee, habe ich den perfekten Kaffee!!!

    Hey Cordula,
    danke für deine asuführliche un dpositive Bewertung.

    Tim Nawrath
    Super Siebhalter

    Sieht toll aus, super Qualität, alles bestens.

    Hallo Tim,
    klingt prima, danke dir für die positive Rückmeldung.