Dari, filter coffee from Ethiopia

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Dari - filter coffee from Ethiopia

“Yes, this is what Naturals from Ethiopia tasted like ten years ago,” is the sound of the tasting. And indeed: the Dari brings with it the "classic" blueberry notes from the Guji zone, which are completed with aromas of nectarine and black tea. The coffee is extremely complex, long-lasting and delicate. A highlight for the cold season.

Dari coffee information

Roasted for: all common filter methods such as: hand filter, AeroPress, French Press and Cold Brew

Origin: Dola, West Guji, Oromia

Producers: Small-scale producers around the Dari Washing Station

Varieties: 74110,74112 & local varieties . 100% Arabica

Post-harvest process: dried in the cherry (natural)

Arrived at the roastery: November 2023

All of our coffees are shipped as whole beans.

Tell me more about Dari

We purchased this coffee through Falcon Coffee, who work with Bashura Abiyot, the founder of Buno General Trading. Buno invests a lot in the community, pays premiums for high quality and pre-finances the producers' harvest without interest. Dari is the name of the washing station where the producers deliver their coffee cherries. The coffee is then either depulped or prepared as dry coffee.

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

In Ethiopia we find the highest diversity of coffee varieties. In recent years they have been cataloged, but there are still varieties whose origin cannot be assigned. What they have in common is that they probably have the most complex aromas. The dry one Post-harvest process gives the already complex coffee a little more weight and the roasting adds a slightly caramel sweetness.

Why did we buy this coffee?

This year we searched longer until we found a natural from Ethiopia that we could identify with. In the third attempt at a tasting round, the Dari stood out, which on the one hand put a smile on our faces because of the "classic" blueberry notes, and on the other hand was as delicate and long-lasting perfume as few coffees this season.

How do we roast this coffee?

We roast the coffee as a 12.5kg batch in the 30kg Giesen roaster for 9 minutes and a development time of 60 seconds. We start the roasting with 60% energy and gradually reduce the gas after four minutes. After the first crack, we set the energy intake to a minimum and the coffee drives itself home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anja Mohr
Überragend guter Kaffee!

Das ist wirklich einer der besten Kaffees!

Hallo Anja,
vielen Dank für das tolle Lob zum Dari.

Nicole u.Ulli Wilhelmshaven
Sehr Schmackhaft !

Kaffeemacher Qualität!

Hallo in den Norden,
vielen Dank für die Bewertung, lasst Euch den Dari schmecken.

Colin Andersen
Nostalgie pur.

Der Kaffee hat mich auch emotional 10 Jahre zurückversetzt. Sensorisch dominieren hier vor allem die Schwarztee-Aromen.

Hi Colin,
eine kleine Zeitreise mit unserem Kaffee gemacht, klingt hervorragend. Lass ihn dir weiterhin schmecken. Danke für die liebe Bewertung.