Don Reginaldo, filter coffee

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Don Reginaldo - the filter coffee from our Finca Santa Rita

Don Reginaldo is a filter coffee that is easy to brew, tastes uncomplicated and is a gentle introduction to the world of filter coffee. With the sweetness and acidity in a great balance, a dense and soft texture, as well as notes of roasted almonds and milk chocolate, it is the perfect breakfast coffee.

Don Reginaldo - green coffee information

Roasted for: all filter methods and cold brew

Origin: Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia, Dipilto Viejo

Producers: Finca Santa Rita, coffee maker farm

Varieties: Maracaturra

Post-harvest process: Honey - depulped and dried on the seeds with mucilage

All of our coffees are shipped as whole beans.

Tell me more about Don Reginaldo

For everyone who remembers the Don Zotomayor filter coffee - you are at least just as well served with the Don Reginaldo. In 2017 we initiated the rezoning of Finca Santa Rita and created new lots. We named these after previous owners of the farm, such as Don Zotomayor or Don Reginaldo. The latter was the father of Roberto Castellano, our partner and neighbor of the finca. Don Reginaldo ran Santa Rita as a second farm before leaving it to his son Roberto. This year Don Reginaldo passed away - so we dedicate this coffee to him in recognition and gratitude.

Why does coffee taste the way it does?

The Maracaturra trees are impressive. They are significantly larger and wider than other varieties. The cherries and finally the beans are also much larger - which makes them visually very interesting. From a sensory point of view, they differ primarily in their delicate citrus notes, which often remind us of clementines. This year our team made a honey-processed one from the maras . They pulped the coffee, laid it out on drying beds and covered it with plastic sheets. This “sauna principle” gave the coffee a lot more texture. Last year this process resulted in green tea-like notes (Los Cheles filter coffee), this year mainly in more texture.

How do we roast this coffee?

The Maracaturras are large beans, which means they take up more volume in the drum for the same weight. We reduced the batch size by 10%, from 5kg to 4.5kg. We put more energy into the system throughout the entire roasting process than with any other filter coffee, so that we can heat and develop the coffee well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joshua Stößer

Sehr sehr lecker, erinnert an salted caramel und ganz zarter Schokolade. Danke aus Berlin :)

Andrea Katharina S.

Leckerer Kaffee, der einen jeden Tag aufs Neue happy macht, that´s all:-)

Hallo liebe Andrea,
vielen Dank für dein tolles Video :-) Das ganze Team hat sich sehr über deine Bewertung gefreut.
Viele Grüße, Florian und das gesamte Kaffeemacher:innen Team.

Holger M.

Entweder hab ich sein Potenzial nicht gefunden! Mir ist er zu säurehaltig!

Aljoscha P.

Aktuell mein allmorgendlicher Begleiter. Einfach ein sehr angenehmer Kaffee, der morgens gute Laune macht und sich nicht aufdrängt. Mir schmeckt er (bisher) am besten aus der V60 mit der 4:6 Technik: 18g Kaffee, Blooming 50g, 2. Aufguss bis 120g, dann drei gleiche Aufgüsse bis 300g. Wäre trotzdem mal auf eine Brühempfehlung von euch gespannt ;-)

Rüdiger W.

Ein wirklich sehr angenehmer und doch aromatischer Kaffee. In der Kombination Wilfa Svart Precision und Mühle sehr mild und doch überzeugend. Danke noch für Euer Video mit der Wilfa!