Mario, filter coffee from Nicaragua

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Mario - filter coffee from Nicaragua

Like Los Suyates, this coffee is also from Mario Gonzalez, a neighboring producer at our Finca Santa Rita and friend of Claudia and Tim. Mario attaches great importance to the uniformity of his coffees and has been successful at the Cup of Excellence several times. Tim fermented this Parainema lot in barrels and dried it on drying beds. The result is a super fragrant coffee with notes of cherries, spices and nougat.

Los Suyates - Green coffee information

Roasted for: Filter coffee, cold brew and all common filter methods

Origin: Finca Los Suyates Dipilto, Nicaragua

Producer: Mario Gonzalez, BridAzul

Varieties: Parainema. 100% Arabica

Post-harvest process: Fermentation of the cherries in the cold room, then dried as natural

All of our coffees are shipped as whole beans

Brewing recommendation David: Mario V60

Our David developed and optimized the recipe using the following equipment:

Water: total hardness 3 °dH , alkalinity 1.5 °dH
Mill: Kinu M47 Classic
Dripper: Hario V60 glass filter 02
Filter paper: Hario V60 paper

    Amount of coffee 17 grams
    Total amount of water

    250 grams

    Grinding degree 3.7.0
    Age of roasting 17 days
    Water temperature

    90 degrees


    50 grams (30 seconds)

    Brewing time



    4 infusions (including blooming) up to 50g, up to 100g, up to 150g, up to 200g, up to 250g

    Tell me more about Mario Gonzalez

    Until 2006, the Gonzalez family was involved in timber production before growing coffee on their farm. "Suyates" are a type of palm tree that grows on Mario's farm, hence the name. Mario has been working with Tim and Claudia since 2017 and focuses on intensive natural fermentations, which he then delivers to Project Origin in Australia. Mario's farm is not far from our Finca Santa Rita, and so it happened that our David had already taken part in a filter coffee competition with Mario's coffee. This year we now have two lots from him - this filter coffee and the espresso "Los Suyates".

    Why does the coffee taste good? the way it tastes?

    Tim Willems, who leads our team on site, received the sorted cherries in Ocotal, poured them into sealed barrels and stored them in a cold room at a constant temperature for more than two weeks. This intense, yet extremely controlled, fermentation intensified the lush fruit notes. The cherries were then dried in thin layers on air-permeable beds. This slowed down the fermentation, allowing the coffee to retain its clear notes. The precise sorting by Mario and his team results in a very uniform bean appearance, which stabilizes the roasting and extraction.

    How do we roast this coffee?

    We roast the coffee as a 12.5kg batch on our 30kg Giesen roaster. At 8:35 minutes, this is a shorter roast, also the development time of 45 seconds or 8.5%. In this way we emphasize the light notes and put the perfumey notes in the foreground. This line of the Parainema variety is elongated and can be roasted very evenly, but we start the roasting with a soak of one minute (=put hardly any energy into the drum) so that the heat is distributed more uniformly throughout the bean.

    Customer Reviews

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    Bernd Conrad

    Schmeckt wirklich gut, sehr Floral, langer Nachgeschmack, sehr angenehm, einzig meine Hafermilch flockt aus, hab Verschiedene probiert, aber die die funktionieren haben mir alle zuviel Zucker

    Hallo Bernd,
    danke für die nette Bewertung.
    Bei manchen Hafermilchsorten klappt es nicht so gut mit der Säure vom Kaffee das stimmt leider.